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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Cost $1,700 to $3,500

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Assessment Remediation


              ALFA Environmental Assessment Services - a leading environmental assessment, consulting, and management company. ALFA has extensive experience in conducting Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment on auto repair facilities, gas stations, dry cleaners, industrial properties, retail centers, agricultural properties, office buildings and commercial real estate properties throughout California

             Our environmental assessment consultants offers a wide range of environmental assessment services providing our customers with the safest and most cost effective environmental assessment solutions to all their environmental assessment needs.

        Environmental assessment consulting services include Phase I Environmental Site Assessment - ESA, remedial environmental excavations, consulting and field services, soil sampling, groundwater monitoring, underground storage tanks removal, hazardous waste management and environmental compliance.

        Common uses where environmental concerns are found in a Phase 1 Environmental report include: service stations, manufacturing facilities, dry cleaners, industrial sites, auto repair, oil and gas well drilling and production, former agricultural crops, refineries, gas underground storage tanks (UST), other sites with releases of chemicals into the subsurface. When an environmental issue is found in the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Report, it will typically trigger a Phase 2 Study or Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment which requires soil and/or groundwater sampling to determine if there is a significant contamination in the subsurface. We have completed numerous of Phase 1 Inspection Survey Reports or Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in California on time and within budget. Professional environmental assessment consultants have performed an extensive number of Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments on real estate commercial properties for Real Estate customers to evaluate its environmental condition(s) and identify any Recognized Environmental Condition - REC - that could be a liability or become a future environmental liability. Recognized environmental conditions per ASTM Standard typically include but not limited to: former gas stations, dry cleaners, long-term light-industrial, industrial, agricultural and other previous uses. Signs of potential releases of chemicals can be heavy staining, improper storage of chemicals, underground storage tanks, dry cleaning plants, clarifiers, etc. ALFA also has extensive experience in performing Environmental Due Diligence and Environmental Transaction Screen reports for a variety of properties, including: gas stations, retail centers, commercial real estate properties and industrial properties.

        An environmental assessment survey is conducted in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice for Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process E1527-13.

        Objectives of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment include identification of historic and current activities at the site and surrounding properties which could have or could yet contribute to the degradation of the subject property's overall Environmental condition and to permit the client to satisfy all of the requirements to qualify for what is commonly known as the "Innocent Landowner" defense.

        We are looking forward to an opportunity to prove to you that ALFA Environmental Assessment Services is your firm of choice for all your environmental assessment and engineering needs!


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             Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Cost $1,700 to $3,500

             Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report in 7 to 10 business days

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